Scarlet Witch assassin in Doctor Strange 2

The most controversial and divisive scene in Doctor Strange 2 has now been explained by Michael Waldron, screenwriter of the Marvel Studios sequel.

In an interview given to rolling stone magazinethe screenwriter of Doc Strange 2, michael waldronadmitted that submit to the illuminati of the Earth-838 then killing them in a horrible way was not within their plans. In fact, he has revealed that it was added later in the footage. The truth is that this is the most controversial scene in the film. At least, for the spectators, who did not understand its presentation, its short duration and its annihilation almost simultaneously.

“The scene is amazing,” the screenwriter of Doc Strange 2. “It’s probably my favorite sequence in the movie. The idea of ​​that was not in my plans. I was writing the first draft and I think I felt like the movie needed to get drunk. I felt like we were at the point where we needed to find the madness of the multiverse. I had no idea if I could use those characters. Was it possible? I knew if we did it this way with Sam Raimi, it would be amazing. So I wrote it.”

The influence of ‘Alien: The return’ in the Scarlet Witch scene

Like peter parker in Avengers: Infinity WarMichael Waldron’s inspiration for this scene from Doc Strange 2 He came from Alien: The Return (1986), from james cameron. “I was watching Alien: Homecoming as I was writing, just because of the tone of this movie as a chase thriller. I love how James Cameron goes out of his way to tell you how tough the Space Marines are, and then they just get killed.” Marvel Studios. “Then the viewer has a lot of fear and respect for the xenomorphs for the rest of the movie. That’s what I wanted to achieve with Wanda Maximoff. At the end of The Illuminati sequence, I wanted people to be truly terrified of the Scarlet Witch. It was amazing being in the theater and hearing the cheers, the gasps and the moans. People were feeling something in the cinema, that’s good!”

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