Scarlet Witch as a villain in Doctor Strange 2

Scarlet Witch’s possible death in Doctor Strange 2 has definitely been answered at Marvel Studios. This is what they have told!

In an interview given to Varietythe screenwriter of Doc Strange 2, michael waldrongave his opinion on whether Scarlet Witch had definitely died in the final sequence of the sequel to the Sorcerer Supreme. This is something that many fans of Marvel Studios have wondered when watching the movie. Waldron said the red humor at the scene of the presumed death may be the key. After all, that sacrifice to destroy the dark hold It doesn’t show 100% on the screen. It remains to be seen what happens.

“I think this question depends on the interpretation,” admitted the screenwriter of Doc Strange 2 who works for Marvel Studios. “He did some kind of sacrificial act that destroyed the Darkhold in all universes. In some way, she is protecting Scarlet Witch in all universes from being seduced by the Darkhold. Whether she is dead or not, she remains to be seen. I know what it’s like to love characters and not want them to go away, and hate when they do bad things. But that’s part of the fun of enjoying things and getting carried away.”

Does what you do with respect to ‘WandaVision’ make sense?

the writer of Doc Strange 2 He also shared his thoughts on viewers’ uproar regarding the future of Scarlet Witch. After what happened in WandaVisionSome did not understand why she was the “bad” one again in this Marvel Studios movie. She clarified that she does not regret anything and that the fact that Wanda Maximoff becoming a villain is simply a continuation of the pain she felt in WandaVision. Ultimately, what he did makes a lot of sense to Michael Waldron.

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┬źNo, I would not like that WandaVision had done something different. I wouldn’t change anything they did,” said the screenwriter of Doc Strange 2. “My interpretation of the Marvel Studios show is that she deals with her pain and lets go of the people that she has under her control, but I don’t think she necessarily resolves her pain on that show. I don’t think it resolves her anger. She maybe she can say goodbye to Vision, but I think she really fell in love with her children. I think all those threads that they let loose are the things that she takes advantage of after the Darkhold, when she gets it from Agatha Harkness. You can see it in the final scene of WandaVision. The mistake our Scarlet Witch makes is opening the book. She starts reading and I think the book plays on her desire to have her children, to have them for real this time. So yeah, it made sense to me and it made sense to all of us building this story.”

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