John Krasinski at the MCU (Marvel Studios)

What will happen to John Krasinski in the MCU? Following his appearance in Doctor Strange 2, Marvel Studios is now responding to what is going to happen.

The appearance of John Krasinski What reed richards in Doc Strange 2 has changed everything. The franchise of fantastic four could have already found her mr fantastic in it Marvel Cinematic Universe, although we do not know if it will definitely be this version or it will be another similar one. The writer of the sequel to the Sorcerer Supreme, michael waldronsat with Variety to talk about this surprising cameo from the actor and filmmaker. A cameo that surprised all viewers.

When Michael Waldron was asked if he was involved in the casting of John Krasinski in Doc Strange 2, the screenwriter admitted that no. However, the writer of Marvel Studios noted that he worked closely with the actor to bring Reed Richards to life. “I wasn’t involved in the casting, but as with all actors I worked very closely with him and Sam Raimi to bring that character to life,” Waldron explained. “Especially, that character, because he was the only one who didn’t have a real precedent in the MCU. It was really fun to figure out how we wanted him to be that guy. Without a doubt, he is one of my favorite characters in comics ».

We do not know what will happen to the actor, but everything indicates that he will soon appear in the studio’s superhero movies.

Now, fans are wondering if John Krasinski will play Reed Richards again in the movie. fantastic four. Michael Waldron dodged that query by saying “it’s a question for someone else.” In a parallel interview granted to GizmodoWaldron was asked how the members illuminati would influence the future of Marvel’s MCU. The screenwriter of Doc Strange 2 He stated that there will be ramifications and that we will discover absolutely everything soon.

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“Yes,” said Michael Waldron about the influence of John Krasinski and others in the Marvel Studios MCU. “Definitely, there will be ramifications. The questions are there. In at least one universe, all of them existed as heroes. Now, what does that mean for the future? I guess we’ll find out. In each case, though, it felt like a really exciting opportunity, something provocative.”

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