Kimmel Rips Dr. Oz's Political Leanings: 'At This Point, Bill Cosby Is a More Credible TV Doctor' (Video)

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers has addressed being called out by Jimmy Kimmel during the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host’s monologue on Monday night.

As Kimmel returned to his ABC show, following a bout with COVID, he used his monologue to name and shame all the people he claims didn’t contact him to send their well-wishes while he was out sick. One of them, Kimmel said, was the NBC star.

“I heard from a lot of my colleagues. I heard from Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, James Corden all checked in. Stephen Colbert sent soup to my house. Seth Meyers, not a peep,” Kimmel claimed about the “Late Night” host, to laughs Monday night. “Nothing from Seth, nothing from George Stephanopoulos.”

But Meyers has since corrected the record. On Tuesday, I retweeted TheWrap’s writeup about Kimmel’s monologue with his response from him. “Colbert said he was sending the soup from both of us,” Meyers noted.

During Kimmel’s Monday opener, he also said Matt Damon didn’t reach out — part of a long-running joke on his late night show. He also said several of his own family members from him did not touch base.

“Do not. 1 person who did not text me while I had COVID, my Aunt Chippy did not call – my Godmother,” he said. “Did n’t hear from her until she got her from her Mother’s Day flowers from me, then she called. I heard from my Godfather, Uncle Charlie, nothing from Aunt Chippy.”

Kimmel stepped back from “Live!” on May 2 after revealing that his daughter de ella had helped spread COVID in their family.

“Our daughter brought us covid (even though we specifically asked her not to),” I have Tweeted at the time. “All feeling fine, I am double vaxxed and boosted but the show must not go on.

'Late Show' on Hiatus 'Until Further Notice' After Colbert Experiences COVID Symptoms Again

In related news, Colbert returned to “The Late Show” on May 3 following his own bout with COVID. But, after experiencing symptoms again, the show went on hiatus on Monday.

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