Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley and Suraj Sharma in 'How I Met Your Father'

‘How I met your father’ is available on Disney + from this Wednesday, May 11. To learn about its connections and tributes to the original series, we have interviewed several of its protagonists. Specifically, we have chatted with Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley and Suraj Sharma, who have told us about their characters, the differences from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and all the references to those that they have been able to find.

“Well, I found out because I was told, but apparently in my apartment we have a pineapple cutting board. We didn’t realize that. I was very focused on my lines, but in my apartment we have that.”Francia Raisa pointed out about the reference to the famous pineapple mystery from the original series. “And then there was a moment in the fourth episode, the Dirty Thirty episode, where Jesse was like, ‘Do you know…?'”commented on reference to the well-known phrase of the Neil Patrick Harris character in ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

“There are winks all over the place. There are some things that we’re not allowed to talk about, that we weren’t even told about, but we know we can’t say it. Yeah, Certainly there will be some things throughout the first season so that the fans of the first can say: ‘Oh, look'”Tom Ainsley explained about his partner’s words.

“Yes, 100%, there are nods that the production design team put on the back burner. Some people notice, some don’t, but I think the general idea is that yes, we like to look back. I like to talk about that and bring references, but given that it is the first season and we are trying to move the series forward, the second season, which we are already doing, will have many more referencesclarified Suraj Sharma..

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Very different from ‘How I met your mother’?

According to Tom Ainsley, ‘How I Met Your Father’ has “the same soul” than the successful 2005 series, however, despite having “a similar story with a similar style”it is very evident that both fictions keep great distances, above all because this spin-off reflects how much the world has changed since the premiere of ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

“It was very evident from the beginning that it was not the same series“reported the actor. “We couldn’t do the same series, we couldn’t even hope to do it. The world has moved on since 2005, the dating world has moved on since 2005, and I think we needed a series that reflected that..

‘How I met your father’ It is now available on Disney+.

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