Flash (2023)

Warner Bros. Pictures trusted The Flash, but yesterday the film was shown and the opinion of the spectators worries the studio.

The movie of Flash continues to be surrounded by controversy and division. If the problem with Ezra Miller and its strange behavior put the film in borage water, now Warner Bros. Pictures has to deal with another obstacle on the treadmill Andy Muschietti. Apparently, the studio yesterday held a screening or advance screener of the film DC Comics to know the opinion of the viewers. He was confident that everything would turn out well and he could move forward, retouching the slightest and fixing the cinematographic montage until its final delivery in theaters. They still have time, although they change much more than necessary.

From what you have reported Daniel Richman, Flash did a test screening yesterday. As the insider himself has heard, things went well. People came out saying it was a 6 or a 7, more or less. Not a very bright note, but enough. “It is the opinion of the people, take it as you want”, Daniel Ritchman came to say. The truth is that the study must be concerned about this lukewarm reception. Especially since the film of the Scarlet Speedster is intended to be a bombshell that changes the DC Extended Universe forever. And with this acceptance, she obviously won’t.

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The great DC event that may be left halfway…

Flash was intended as a kind of adaptation of flash point which would serve to restart the DC Extended Universe. It has the soul of an event, in the purest style Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame or the recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However, thinking of the film as “a six” or “a seven” is very concerning for Warner Bros. Pictures. The positive part? Andy Muschietti has time to gradually retouch the film until its final delivery. There is a lot of time left, until summer of next year. He has work ahead of him and Ezra Miller doesn’t make things easy for him, but we trust him.


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