Ana de Armas in 'No time to die'

Ana de Armas is without a doubt one of the most famous actresses of the moment. After her performance as the innocent Marta Cabrera in ‘Daggers in the back’ and as agent Paloma in ‘No time to die’, The star of Cuban origin embarked on a new project: ‘Blonde’, the new Netflix drama about Marilyn Monroe. However, it will not be the typical story of overcoming for all audiences, but it seems that it will be full of ambiguities and controversy. For this reason, it has received the NC-17 age rating (not suitable for children under 17), the highest of all, in the United States.

The director of the film, Andrew Dominik (‘The assassination of Jesse James by the cowardly Robert Ford’), has defended this rating by alluding to the film’s moral ambiguity. “I think if there’s a group of men and women in a boardroom talking about sexual behavior, maybe the men care about what the women think. It’s a weird time. They are not representations of a happy sexuality. They are representations of ambiguous situations.” (Via Variety)

However, Dominik says that he was surprised to hear the news, as they had hoped to “color between the lines” to get around the age restriction, which is somewhat reminiscent of what Disney did with ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ (but without so many moral complexities). Despite this, the director understands the reasons for the rating “because not (think) that it is as simple as people want to see it. He has something to offend everyone.”

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Nobody like Marilyn

On May 2, the MET Gala took place in New York, an event in which Kim Kardashian He wanted to bring out the Marilyn that he has inside. Thus the businesswoman, who underwent a restrictive diet in order to wear the famous dress with which Marilyn Monroe congratulated John F. Kennedy on her birthday, wanted to pay homage to the star.

Pedro Almodóvar was not shy about giving his opinion in “It wasn’t brilliant or effective, but rather a little sinister and unfunny, because it was impossible not to think that Marilyn died within six weeks of putting it on and, on the other hand, the only thing that would have justified the idea was that it looked fantastic on Kardashian, but it didn’t.”

Almodóvar also wanted to react to ‘Blonde’, assuring that it must be one of the few that has already been able to see “Andrew Dominik’s stupendous film”. “Ana de Armas plays Marilyn in a chillingly real way. I have recorded a sequence (if it does not disappear from the final cut) of the harassment, something else, I would say, that she suffered from President JFK. The sequence is explicit enough to feel Marilyn’s own revulsion at such a moment..

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