Oliver's universe

Producer Alexis Morante jumps into the fiction feature film with ‘Oliver’s Universe’a tribute to the Spain of the provinces of the 80s that shows, from a family perspective, that complicated economic and historical moment of the Transition. “It is a story that transmits a nostalgia that speaks of who we are and where we come from. It is important to remember our roots”points María León, who plays Carmela, the protagonist’s mother.

Based on the homonymous book by Miguel Ángel González, Morante sets his debut film in a suburban neighborhood of Campo de Gibraltar (Cádiz) in 1985, in the last years of the Spanish Transition. The film stars Óliver (Rubén Fulgencio), a boy with an overflowing imagination who moves with his family to the area, where his father is from, just the year in which Halley’s comet will pass. The family’s economic situation is very fragile and Óliver will find a refuge in his daydreams.

Due to the year in which the film is set, María León considers that, just because of the nostalgia factor, it is also a tribute to those working families who had to face a decade marked by the economic crisis and the dismantling of industrial Spain. “In addition to telling a story from the perspective of the child protagonist’s imagination, it also tells how difficult that moment of transition and change that the ’80s was for everyone”, declares the actress in an interview for eCartelerawho points out that “It has been a gift to visit”a few years that remind him of his childhood.

Oliver's universe

“It is a film that touches several genres. More productions are needed without the intention of criticizing or pointing out or victimizing, but narrating it from an honest perspective with reality itself. Now we make the mistake of pointing too much when we approach the issues, as if we had a concrete formula to achieve change. This film doesn’t tell you where, but how things were and that makes you see that many things have been achieved now, it makes you appreciate the past and everything we’ve achieved over the years”the actress shares about the importance of bringing stories like ‘Oliver’s Universe’.

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“The mothers of the 80s were real superheroines”

León appreciates how the director and co-writer of the film has been able to look with “modesty” to the 1980s in Spain. “He has done it with great pleasure, respecting the times and some characters who are failures, but who are not judged, but rather feel very proud of how that failure has helped us move forward”says the interpreter, highlighting how the film has a hopeful look at the future. “It is necessary”ditch.

Oliver's universe

The Andalusian actress plays Carmela, who shows the inner strength and heroism of the mothers and family women of the 80s. “The mothers at that time were women who ran the house practically alone, they were the pillar, the ones who held the reins of everything, but who had a certain invisibility, because their inner strength was not sufficiently recognized. I think that the mothers of the 80s were superheroines, because they adapted to a new generation, to a new change, they sought for themselves their way of not letting go of the family from their hands but they also developed themselves as women. In the case of Carmela, moreover, she does not have to deal with two children, but three, because she also takes care of her husband.Leon shares.

It is not the first role of mother that María León plays in fiction, who points out that each of those parents that she has played on the screen It has allowed her to see how multifaceted mothers are, as well as discover their different facets as women. “Each one has given me different aspects of reading women, as well as the different ways of being a mother. It has also allowed me to discover that there is no better or worse way to raise children and that being a mother is one thing and being a woman is another. and that when a woman decides to be one, it is important that she is well defined as a person, in order to be the type of parent that one wants. Hence, self-esteem is fundamental in mothers”he argues.

Oliver's universe

Directed by Alexis Morante, who writes the script for this adaptation of the book by Miguel Ángel González together with the author himself, as well as with Ignacio del Moral and Raúl Santos. Starring Rubén Fulgencio, Salva Reina, María León, Pedro Casablanc and Luna Berroa, the cast is completed by Roberto Campillo, Sergio Ramos, Antonio López Vallejo, Elsa Benítez, Ismael Heredia, Yeray Heredia, Iván Renedo, Samuel Cote, Fran Torres, Moreno Borja , Mara Guil, Ignacio Mateos, María Alfonsa Rosso and Joaquín Núñez. Produced by Jose Alba, Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo and Cristina Zumárraga. Available in movie theaters from this Friday, May 13, by Filmax.

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