The reboot of The Fantastic Four in the MCU is making great strides after Doctor Strange 2. We already have the Marvel producers confirmed!

The head writer and executive producer of moon knight, Jeremy Slater, has just revealed one of the big news of the week. As reported by the executive Marvel Studiosthe producers Grant Curtis Y Nick Pepin will be responsible for doing fantastic four. the reboot of the first family advances by leaps and bounds after what happened in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Recently, they were left without a director. But it seems that things are getting very serious.

In statements given to Comic BookJeremy Slater said that he is not giving the producers of fantastic four. In his opinion, he doesn’t need anyone to tarnish his proposal. “The Moon Knight products are the same guys that are going to do the First Family reboot,” the Marvel Studios executive explained. “We’ve had a lot of conversations about this. I told them that I was not going to propose anything to them, because I honestly did not want to contaminate the process with my opinion.

Slater worked on the last film in the franchise, but he was not largely to blame for what happened on that occasion.

Jeremy Slater also recalled his own work on fantastic four. More specifically, in the film that she premiered 20th Century Fox in 2015. The truth is that the executive only provided one line of dialogue during the first draft of the film. Despite this, he perfectly understands the nervousness of writing a Marvel Studios movie starring such important characters as these.

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“I think the original Fantastic Four was my fault, because they only included one line of dialogue from me in the movie,” the Marvel Studios executive said. “Everything else changed, so I don’t take much ownership of that job. However, I understand that there is criticism on social networks.

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