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How is the situation with Venom 3? Marvel updates the project and has very good news to reveal about the end of the trilogy.

In an interview given to Varietythe actress michelle williams has made a very interesting update on Venom 3. What will happen to the franchise Marvel in Sony Pictures Entertainment? The confirmation of the trilogy came in the past Cinema Con 2022. However, we knew few details about it. And although there is no confirmation from the interpreter, she has every intention of continuing her role in the saga of this spin-off of spider-man. I’m sure he’ll come back!

“I have every intention of continuing to be in the saga,” said Michelle Williams. “I’m really hopeful that it will happen.” Thus, everything points to the character of Anne Weying will be in Venom 3. After the contribution of her in the sequel, we are not very clear what he could do with her. At the end of the day, although it is a key part in the life of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), no longer has much room from an emotional or sentimental point of view. But you can make anything up with her soon!

What can we expect from this character in the end of the trilogy?

Annie’s role in the first two installments helped provide psychological support for Eddie Brock. To a great extent, she allowed him to fight his inner demons once the Marvel symbiote took over her body. Waiting to know her contribution in Venom 3, Michelle Williams’ character is happily engaged to her partner. She tried in the sequel to get Eddie and the symbiote to stay together and survive the appearance of Carnage (Woody Harrelson). We assume that it will continue to work in the same way, making the character of Tom Hardy maintain a psychological balance. After all, it is somewhat unstable. And the symbiote doesn’t exactly help keep him healthy.

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