Bruce MacVittie

Bruce MacVittie, prolific television, film and stage actor, died this past May 7 in a New York City hospital at age 65 with no cause of death revealed. MacVittie was born in October 1956 in Rhode Island and in 1979 moved to New York where he would join the Ensemble Studio Theatre. He made his Broadway stage debut opposite Al Pacino in a production of David Mamet’s ‘American Buffalo’ and continued to perform on stage for 40 years as well as founding his own company called Naked Angels.

He jumped to television in 1981 with small roles in series such as ‘Life and Miracles of Captain Miller’, ‘Miami Vice’, ‘Sex in New York’, ‘Oz’ or ‘Numb3rs’. In ‘The Sopranos’ he played Danny Scalercio and was recurring in ‘Law and order’. He was one of the protagonists of ‘Waterfront’ and we could also see him recently in ‘As they see us’ and ‘Special Victims Unit’. Other television credits include ‘Watch: Person of Interest,’ ‘Blue Bloods,’ ‘The Deuce,’ and ‘Manifest.’

On the big screen, his first film was ‘Chosen from the ghetto’ and although he doesn’t stand out as protagonists, he worked under Francis Ford Coppola in ‘Cotton Club’, by Ken Kwapis in ‘The mystery of the golden pyramid’, by ‘Oliver Stone ‘ in ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ and ‘The Doors’, Anthony Minghella in ‘A Husband to My Wife’, Mimi Leder in ‘The Peacemaker’, Ridley Scott in ‘Hannibal’ and Clint Eastwood in ‘Million Dollar Baby’, which is not little.

The good bye

Some colleagues and fans from around the world have dedicated nice messages on Twitter to Bruce MacVittie, including Warren Leight, Vincent D’Onofrio and June Diane Raphael.

“I met the great Bruce MacVittie shortly after ‘The Equalizer’. We have worked together often. He was a beautiful and honest actor and man. A good one. Sending love to his friends and family.”

“Bruce MacVittie and I have worked together many times over the years.

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He was an amazing and unique actor. It was always a pleasure working with him and this is very sad news. We will miss him.”

“Bruce was the first working actor I met in New York. He was very uplifting for me and Casey Wilson and I feel deeply for his wife and daughter.”

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