James Corden Taking 'Late Late Show' to London Again

President Joe Biden tried his hand at thinking up a nickname for Donald Trump this week, and James Corden is pretty sure Trump himself is the only person who can really think up insulting nicknames that will stick.

While speaking at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Convention in Chicago this week, Biden said “Under my predecessor, the great MAGA king, the deficit increased every single year he was president.” But Corden is pretty sure that Trump would actually genuinely love being known as “the great MAGA king.”

“Congratulations Joe, you’ve selected the one nickname that Trump will gladly use,” Corden said. “I mean, I guarantee Trump already has that monogrammed on towels.”

Corden then poked fun at Biden even attempting to come up with a mean nickname, especially against the man who thought of nicknames for people like Elizabeth Warren, Hilary Clinton, and Joe Biden himself.

“Foolish. Foolish move of Biden, trying to play the nickname game with Trump. With Trump? You can’t do that!” Corden said. “The guy is a terrible president but he’s in the Hall of Fame when it comes to nicknames. Right, Sleepy Joe?

You can watch the full bit from “The Late Late Show with James Corden” in the video here and above.


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