Fred Ward

Fred Ward, actor of ‘Escape from Alcatraz’, ‘Tremors’ and ‘Crossed Lives’, He died on May 8, according to what he collects Variety. Ward was 79 years old and the causes of his death have not been shared.

He began his career before the cameras in the early 1970s, in the miniseries ‘The Medici Era’ directed by Roberto Rossellini, in a TV Movie entitled ‘Cartesius’ and in the feature film ‘Ginger in the morning’. In 1978 she participated in ‘Bonita’, starring Brooke Shields, and a year later ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ would arrive, where he played John Anglin, brother of Jack Thibeau’s character and associate of Clint Eastwood’s Frank Morris. Other titles that stand out in his filmography are Philip Kaufman’s ‘Chosen for Glory’, ‘Miami Blues’, ‘Henry & June (The Intimate Diary of Anaïs Nin)’ in which he starred alongside ‘Uma Thurman’, ‘The Hollywood Game ‘ by Robert Altman and ‘Grab It Any Way You Can 33 1/3. The final insult’.

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He also played President Reagan in Christian Carion’s espionage thriller ‘The Farewell Affair’ and in ‘Tremors’, In the 1990s, he and Kevin Bacon defended a Nevada town from giant underground snakes. The film grossed just $16 million at the time, but has become a cult following over the years. Along with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg we saw him in ‘2 Guns’ and he was the father of Reese Witherspoon in the romantic comedy ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.

On television, his participation in ‘ER’, the miniseries ‘Invasión: la Tierra’ and episodic characters in ‘Dice’, ‘United States of Tara’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ stand out. ‘True Detective’ was one of his last works and in it he gave life to Eddie Velcoro, the retired police officer father of detective Ray Velcoro, Colin Farrell’s character. In terms of awards, the two that she got are due to ‘Crossed Lives’, winner of the best cast at the 1994 Golden Globes and the Venice Film Festival.

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