The murder of Shireen Abu Akleh during the coverage of the clashes in the occupied West Bank was in cold blood and perpetrated by a sniper, said in an interview with Carmen Aristegui, Dima Khatib, director of Al Jazeera, a medium in which the correspondent who was killed last worked. May 11. According to Khatib, the bullet that killed Abu Akleh entered behind the ear, which means it was a precision shot, as the correspondent was wearing a helmet and bulletproof vest. The director of Al Jazeera denied the version that Palestinian militias were responsible for the murder of her colleague. “It was a heinous crime, for us a war crime,” said Dima Khatib, who recalled that even at the journalist’s funeral held in Palestine there were acts of repression.

“It was a cold-blooded murder perpetrated by a sniper”: Dima Khatib, director of Al Jazeera |  Video

Photo: Reuters

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