Mayan Train: Yucatan court confirms provisional suspension of Section 5

The first protection granted to the organization environmentalist was granted in mid-April, a Mérida court granted the first amparo to the association, which warned of the devastation of the jungle in the Section 5, which goes from Cancun to Tulum. Work in the area began in February.

On May 2, the judge granted the second suspension to DMAS, which alleged constitutional breaches in terms of due process and respect for nature, since the work does not have the Environment impact manifestation (MINE).

DMAS reiterated that without an environmental impact procedure there should be no work and mentioned that the works violate articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution on due process, as well as the fourth constitutional article on the right to a environment healthy.

José Urbina, member of the movement #SelvamedelTrenexplained that the complaint filed by Fonatur against the amparo was declared unfounded by the Collegiate Court for Labor and Administrative Matters.

“So Fonatur will have to return to explore the landalthough a little late”, declared Urbina.

During a press conference of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorthe Secretariats of Environment (Semarnat) and National Defense (Sedena) recognized that four of the seven sections that comprise the Mayan Train construction project do not have an Environmental Impact Statement,

The Secretary of the Environment, María Luisa Albores, explained that they only have these documents in the first three sections, but in the remaining four they have adhered to a decree published on November 22, 2021 to “do provisional permits”.

“It does not mean that the people, in this case, that the sections are not doing their technical studies, their environmental impact statements and their supporting technical studies,” he said, insisting that they are already working on their processing with each of the the consortiums.

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