Sebastian Vettel questions his stay in F1 due to climate and energy crisis |  Video

sebastian vettel, pilot of Aston-Martinonce again stated his concerns regarding the use of fossil fuels and how his role in the top flight of motoring could be adding to the problem not only from the driving of his car but also with the implications of the realization of each race.

During the Miami Grand Prix, The German introduced himself to paddock with a t-shirt that read: “Miami 2060, the first underwater Grand Prix. Act now or nothing later”. Vettel’s shirt sought to criticize climate change whose impact is projected on sea level, which is expected to leave South Florida uninhabitable.

In an interview for the show BBC Question Time, the 4 times world champion declared the next:

It’s something that makes me wonder, if I should be running and traveling the world. There are things I can control and others I can’t. It is my passion to drive cars; Every time I do it, I love it. But of course I also think about whether we should be doing it, traveling the world and spending resources.

In the same interview, Vettel was questioned about whether he considers that his time in the Formula 1 and his concern about climate change are a hypocrisy On your part.

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It’s true. There are questions I ask myself every day. I am not a saint. I’m pretty worried about the future, when we talk about energy and energy dependency and what’s coming for the future.

On the other hand, the German alluded to the other side of the coin, mentioning that his work as entertain peoples is also something positive In difficult times like the pandemic Covid-19where racing was one of the few sports to give some entertainment and normality to the people.

On the other hand, we are entertaining people. During Covid we were one of the first sports to return, when ‘people’s heads were about to explode’, there were Formula 1 races back. […] If it didn’t, a lot of people would go crazy. There are many things that I ask myself and things that I do that I feel I could improve.

Vettel has already stated like many others that motorsport needs to take a greener approach and in favor of the environment, since it is imperative for everyone to counteract the environmental impact of fossil fuel emissionslooking for alternatives that allow sport coexist with sustainability.

For its part, the Formula 1 has stated on multiple occasions that he plans to have zero carbon emissions with target date in 2030together with the initiative of 100% sustainable fuel from 2025 as measures to counteract the environmental impact of sport.

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