'Vacation in hell'

It is clear that, if it is about celebrating the best that Mel Gibson has delivered so far in the 21st century, We cannot forget his three works as a director, a facet in which he still does not sign a minor work. And it is that, both ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and ‘Hasta el último hombre’ or that masterpiece entitled ‘Apocalypto’, big words, offer us the opportunity to enjoy a major filmmaker who perfectly complements a performer who has several decades, to a greater or lesser extent, accompanying different generations of the public.

The best of Mel Gibson in the 21st century

one ‘When we were soldiers’
'When we were soldiers'

Despite having a somewhat erratic first section full of clichés from the most syrupy war movies, ‘When We Were Soldiers’ takes flight at the moment in which its protagonists launch themselves onto the battlefield and ends up reaching a level of epic intensity and emotional bordering on overwhelming. Led by a wonderful Mel Gibson, especially in its most dramatic momentsRandall Wallace’s film offers a sufficient number of memorable scenes to convince the most fanatical public of the genre.

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two ‘Vacation in hell’
'Vacation in hell'

A year after his moving interpretive recital in ‘The Beaver’, Mel Gibson returned to action cinema more sweaty, dusty and raw with ‘Vacation in Hell’, little hidden gem within the filmography of the actor and director in this century. Brief in duration, forceful in its objectives and inspired by the way to achieve them, the film directed by Adrian Grunberg plunges you into his particular prison universe of cheats, violent, thieves, corrupt and survivors thanks to a fast pace and a Gibson devoted body and soul to his character. Highly recommended.

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3 ‘signs’

It was not easy for ‘Signals’ to maintain the bar set by ‘The Protected One’ and ‘The Sixth Sense’ and, indeed, it did not manage to reach it but, be careful, that should not confuse us, because we are facing a masterful film whose virtues continue to be revealed in each new viewing.

Using a genre as hackneyed as that of alien invasions, M. Night Shyamalan builds a new story about terror in all its dimensions, adding, on this occasion, faith and family balance, the need to overcome traumas that we believe are impossible to forget and, above all, total redemption. It is not a small thing for a film that, once again, has as its best virtue the mastery of its director when creating scenes that make us hold on to the seat and not let go, in addition to an extremely inspired cast where it stands out a full-blown Mel Gibson who delivers here, without a doubt, one of the best performances of his career. And the most contained, by far, of it.

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4 ‘The Beaver’
'The Beaver'

If we make an unfair comparison, it is clear that actress Jodie Foster is light years ahead of director Jodie Foster, but not for lack of merit of the latter. The point is that we are talking about one of the essential interpreters in the history of cinema. As it is. His ability to penetrate each character, disappear into them and give himself body and soul to each story, even when they are not up to his level, has been exemplary for decades, a time in which Foster has tried his luck behind the cameras with works as such as ‘El castor’, one of the most interesting, honest and original reflections of depression that has been seen on the big screen.

Both in front of and behind the cameras, a brilliant Foster who found the perfect accomplice in Mel Gibson, since the actor signs a truly memorable job, achieving excellence through a highly complex and nuanced role. A masterful performance in a film that should be vindicated with intensity.

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5 ‘Blood Father’
'Blood Father'

Just over eighty minutes. ‘Blood Father’ doesn’t need more time to convince from the firm hand of its direction, the staging of its action and the passionate performance of its protagonist, a Mel Gibson who completely ignored the autopilot on this occasion, a demonstration of absolute commitment with a film in which he reigns without problems. Thriller of sharp and direct action that convinces without fuss.

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6 ‘Dragged Across Concrete’
'Dragged Across Concrete'

After bursting expectations with his particular vision of the western (‘Bone Tomahawk’) and prison cinema (‘Brawl in Cell Block 99’), S. Craig Zahler confirms his status as a candidate for a new contemporary classic with ‘Dragged Across Concrete’, forceful reformulation of the police thriller and robbery.

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Starring the immense Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn, content like never before, this atypical, parsimonious and robust buddy movie manages to hypnotize through the pause, the countdown, the unexpected explosion and the impulse impossible to anticipate. Full of anthological scenes, with the one starring Jennifer Carpenter and the final climax leading the way, ‘Dragged Across Concrete’ once again makes it clear that following in Zahler’s footsteps is going to be one of the most stimulating cinematographic exercises of the coming years. Fingers crossed that the streak continues.

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7 ‘die again’
'die again'

Although it never quite lives up to its brilliant starting point, ‘Die Again’ is adrenaline-fueled, violent entertainment that especially benefits from the proven genre talent of its director, Joe Carnahan, and a cast that demonstrates be having a blast at all times. In that sense, despite the fact that we would have liked his character to occupy more time on the screen, every Mel Gibson appearance deserves to be greeted with applause. Pure charisma.

8 ‘The patriot’
'The patriot'

How did Roland Emmerich take the disappointing artistic and commercial results of his ambitious ‘Godzilla’? Directing a film that aspired to all the awards in the world, starring a most remarkable Mel Gibson, with a soundtrack by John Williams and set in the American War of Independence. Who said fear? ‘The Patriot’ is violent, cheesy, clichéd, manipulative, pretentious, and completely lacking in subtlety. Yet it’s also hard-hitting, epic, emotional, entertaining, and moving.

Emmerich takes advantage of the opportunity and for the first time in his career approaches a deeply academic cinema without neglecting his recognizable love for the spectacle, provoking a combination that works. A proposal that fools no one, that gives the viewer what it promises from its own promotional poster and that, without being a masterpiece, fights with plenty of arguments to be crowned Emmerich’s greatest achievement to date. And how one of the best films of its leading actor so far this century, of course.

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9 ‘Two fathers for unequal’
'Two fathers for unequal'

If this sequel was capable of surpassing the estimable ‘Parents for Unequal’, it was, without a doubt, thanks to the signings of some John Lithgow and Mel Gibson who live and they enjoy each of their scenes from the absolute enjoyment. Aware that they are at a party, both actors bring out their more than reliable comedic side to elevate the group to remarkable status, rounding off with ‘Two Parents for Unequal’ an entertainment that is as simple as it is effective.

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10 ‘The Expendables 3’
'The Expendables 3'

After a nice first installment and a sequel much better than expected, the saga of ‘The Mercenaries’ reached its third installment with the decision to tip the balance in favor of victory. Unfortunately, the end result was much closer to routine than enthusiasm. Lost the surprise factor, the nostalgia of the illustrious reunions and the laughter, only noise and fury remained. Yes indeed, it is always a pleasure to see giants like Mel Gibson, brilliant in each of his appearances, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas, Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone, among many others, have as much fun as in ‘The Expendables 3’.

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For this reason, although we are clearly not in a particularly large field when it comes to truly memorable films, it is always a pleasure to meet again with the Gibson actor, a guy whose presence, personality, charisma and strength on screen is beyond question. And located beyond the numerous controversies that she has starred in recent years.

War movies, horror, comedy, action, police…there are several genres in which we have been able to enjoy Mel Gibson over the last twenty-two years, a time from which we highlight a set of tapes in which the actor had the opportunity (and the desire) to show much of his talent.


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