The Essex Serpent Cast and Character Guide: Who Plays Who?

Based on the novel by Sarah Perry, “The Essex Serpent” will slither onto AppleTV+ May 13. The limited series is comprised of six hour-long episodes.

Perry’s Victorian was a novel, published in 2016, is set in 1983 in England. The story follows Cora Seaborne, who has recently been widowed. Cora has a knack for paleontology, and when she catches wind of a possible old serpent creature reappearing in Essex, she sees it as the chance to delve deeper into those interests.

What Cora finds though, is far more complicated than just a town terrorized by a serpent. The villagers cling to religion to explain things they don’t understand, and because nobody has yet seen the serpent, they think it is a form of the devil come to punish them for sinning. They even blame Cora for attracting the serpent at one point.

So who fills out the cast of this new Apple TV+ drama series? Here’s our handy “The Essex Serpent” cast and character guide.

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