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Actor Daniel Craig was about to be one of the members of the Illuminati in the Marvel movie Doctor Strange 2.

Attention SPOILERS. Over the years, there have been many rumors that Daniel Craig I would play a Marvel character. Now we know that he was about to give life to Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic in the film Doc Strange 2. A role that in the end has been for John Krasinski and which will also distribute in the coming years in other installments of the UCM.

the scene of the illuminati it was difficult to shoot, as matching all the actors was impossible. Therefore, they had to sign in parts. For this reason, many interpreters who appear did not even see each other’s faces. When Daniel Craig was ready to play reed richardsthe COVID cases increased and he couldn’t do the scene, so he was replaced by John Krasinski.

What we don’t know is whether Daniel Craig had signed a long contract or if he was just going to do that cameo and later the reed richards of Earth 616 would have the face of John Krasinski.

The actor will have other opportunities to be in the UCM.

Although Daniel Craig it’s not in Doc Strange 2sure that Marvel Studios He has been wanting to work with him. So I’m sure they’ll find another character that I can play. Especially now that he has left the saga of james-bond and is free to join another great film franchise.

Meanwhile, he will repeat the role of Benoît Blanc in Backstabbing 2 (2022) and we can also see it in the series purity which is about a young woman who joins an activist group and begins a global journey in search of her father.

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