Doctor Strange 2 podría traer de vuelta a los X-Men originales

Why did Doctor Strange 2 make that decision about mutants? The writer talks about the X-Men and their future arrival at the UCM.

michael waldronscript writer for Doc Strange 2recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight. The writer explained his strange decision not to use more members of the X Men in the aftermath of Sorcerer Supreme. Ultimately, we were introduced to Charles XavierPatrick Stewart. However, the rest of the mutants were conspicuous by the absence of him. In Waldron’s words, he took the comic as a reference Dynasty of M, but ultimately decided that the film didn’t need any more mutant characters to be powerful enough. Furthermore, she said that the appearance of the mutants would have led to Wanda Maximoff Y Stephen Strange to different places than those that were finally shown in the film.

“Obviously, we talked about the influence of Dynasty of M”, recognized the screenwriter of Doc Strange 2 when asked about the appearance of the X-Men. “There are many examples of Wanda Maximoff doing bad things in comic book history, mostly related to her desire to get her children back. But ultimately this story didn’t need mutants to be powerful. I guess that was our feeling. Also, wherever she is in the MCU timeline, this didn’t seem like the right place to introduce them. Suddenly everything would have been about mutants. Actually, this is a story about Wanda Maximoff, her pain, and her fall into darkness.”

The future of Scarlet Witch in the UCM and her relationship with mutants

On the other hand, Michael Waldron also explained the level of influence he had Kevin FeigPresident of Marvel Studiosin making decisions related to Doc Strange 2. The writer wanted to clarify that this was just the end of a chapter in the story of Scarlet Witch. However, she did drop that things could be left open for the future after conversations she has had with Kevin Feige about the MCU Phase 4 and the arrival of the X-Men at Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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“We do everything in collaboration with Kevin Feige,” acknowledged the screenwriter of Doc Strange 2. “When it comes to a character as fundamental to the MCU as Scarlet Witch, we talk a lot. We’re trying to make it clear that this is the end of a chapter in Wanda Maximoff’s story. Is there a chance to tell stories later? I do not know. This is like a comic book series, so you never know.” Chances are, when the X-Men arrive at Marvel Studios, elizabeth olsen have a hole there.

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