Former Ambassador Landau thanks Mexico for Zote soap and calls his wife #LadyZote

The zote soap has a great fan and is nothing more and nothing less than the former United States ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau, who recently shared a message of thanks to the country and to the La Corona factory for the existence of Mexican soap.

On Twitter, the former diplomat assured that Zote soap is “one of the great contributions of Mexico to human civilization.”

Landau shared four photographs where soap is the protagonist. His wife appears in the first Caroline Landau whom the former ambassador called #LadyZotein another of the images he appears looking at a book about the 100 years of the Mexican brand.

The ex-ambassador explained that he recently made, together with his wife, the route of the Camino de Santiago in Spainwhere Caroline did not hesitate to go with her dose of Zote soap.

Users on Twitter reacted to Lanadau’s message, some reaffirming the effectiveness of Mexican soap and others asking where they could get it in other parts of the world.

This is not the first time that the former ambassador has declared himself a fan of the Mexican product, in 2021 when he said goodbye to the diplomatic post in Mexico he reported on Twitter that among the memories he took They were pieces of Mexican soap.

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