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If you have been on the Internet in recent days, you have probably heard that Jesse Williams, the actor who plays Jackson Avery in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, has been a victim of the Leaking of her nude during the performance of her new play on Broadway, ‘Take Me Out’. Despite the express prohibition of taking photos or videos in the theater, for which spectators were forced to keep their phones in a special envelope, a spectator recorded the actor during a scene in which the actor and his partner supporting cast, Michael Oberholtzer, appeared totally nude and uploaded it to the Internet.

The commotion caused by the images was enormous (we will not share them here out of respect for the actors and the theater) and after a few days, Williams has spoken about it. The interpreter, who has received praise for his brave interpretation on stage, has downplayed the matter in statements to Associated Press: “I’m not too down about it. Our job is to go out on stage every night, no matter what. I’m not too worried about it. I can’t.”. To which he adds: “What we do have to do is continue to stand up for each other. And it’s wonderful to see a community push and make it clear what we stand for and what we don’t. Consent is important. So let’s keep that in mind universally. The theater is a sacred space and not everyone understands that. Not everyone respects or considers him as they should, or as we would like.”.

For its part, the theater company has roundly condemned the violation of the privacy of its actors: “Second Stage Theater has worked to ensure the privacy of the ‘Take Me Out’ company by creating a phone-free space with sealed envelopes at all performances”says the official statement in Twitter posted after the incident. “We are dismayed that this policy has been violated and images of our actors have been published. It is very unfortunate that an audience member chose to disrespect the production, the rest of the audience, and most importantly, the cast. of someone naked without their consent is highly unacceptable and can lead to serious legal consequences. a disgusting and unacceptable violation of the trust between actor and audience forged in the theater community. The text concludes with the request that the images not be distributed and the promise that measures will be taken to reinforce the security of the theater. Specifically, the installation of a new infrared system that allows theater staff to see what the audience is doing in the dark.

Shortly before the leak, Williams had spoken about her nudity during an interview on ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’, where she said: “Everyone gives it too much importance. It’s a body. Once you see it, you realize it’s not that important”. The actor further revealed that he did not know that the play required him to disrobe until he read the script. “If someone had told me ‘it’s a nude play,’ I would have framed it differently. But nudity is honest, it makes sense. not salacious. Serve the story”.

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Tony Nominated

The nude leak last Monday, May 9, coincided with the Tony Award nominations, where Williams was nominated for Best Actor for his work on ‘Take Me Out’, happy news that was overshadowed by what happened on the Internet. His co-stars Michael Oberholtzer and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’ (Modern Family) have also been nominated. In addition, the play has received a nomination for Best Revival.

‘Take Me Out’ is written by Richard Greenberg and was originally released in 2002. The play revolves around Darren Lemming (Williams), a baseball player who comes out as gay and the consequences that result from it. Performances will continue through June 11 at the Second Stage Theater in New York. Williams, on the other hand, will return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in the season 18 finale.

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