Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios)

What is the real influence of Kevin Feige in the Marvel movies? Now his true involvement in the MCU has been revealed.

During a conversation on the show Empire Podcastdirector Joe Russo (Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame) talked about Kevin Feig. The filmmaker had nothing but praise for the president of Marvel Studios. He described his sensitivity to the commercial material and his deep understanding of the scenes that stick with viewers. Joe Russo explained how the executive’s subtle movements during test screenings are a litmus test. They end up determining whether or not a scene will connect with the general public.

“Kevin Feige is amazing,” Joe Russo said of the Marvel Studios president. “His brain is incredible, as is his sensitivity to commercial material. Anthony Russo and I learned early on that if you do a screening with him, he sits down and watches the director’s cut with you. If he leans forward, you know the movie is going to work. When he leans back… You know».

“Only from a test audience point of view can you feel exactly where that movie is going to connect with the audience,” continued the Marvel Studios director of Kevin Feige’s influence on the MCU movies. “It is something innate. It’s inside him because he loves to tell stories. That was always a big litmus test for us. We’d watch the reactions of the studio president out of the corner of our eyes to see if he leaned forward or backward as he watched the movie.”

The “secret sauce” of the cinematic universe

In addition to recognizing good storytelling, Kevin Feige is also able to identify great talent. Joe Russo explained that the president of Marvel realized that he and his brother not only understood action, but also humor. That is, apparently, the secret sauce from the MCU.

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“Kevin Feige is a genius,” said the filmmaker. “He loved the Community paintball episodes and I thought those guys understood the storytelling of the action, but I loved that they could do humor as well. That is the secret ingredient of Marvel Studios. It has humor, heart, emotion and spectacle. But he has a lot of humor. It’s hard to find a MCU movie that doesn’t have comedy in it somewhere.”

Next, Joe Russo talked about his first experience in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014). “We started with this movie, but we felt comfortable enough. We were adamant about executing our vision and we believed that we were in control, because we had been producing television for years and we thought we were great, we knew how to do things efficiently. So, we went through a process, “recalled the director of Marvel Studios. «We were many filmmakers fighting to direct the film. Our argument was to turn everything on its head and throw away what they had done in the first movie in a weird way, make it postmodern. When we got the job, Kevin Feige was true to his word and they gave us a lot of space. They did it on every project we ran. It was a completely different experience than we had in the past.”

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