Palestinians ask for international help to investigate the death of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

The Palestinian Authority said on Saturday that would appreciate international support in the investigation into the shooting death of a journalist from Al Jazeerawhile Israel said it would investigate incidents of violence during his funeral.

The death of reporter Shireen Abu Akleh sparked a wave of shock and grief, with Israel police charging into a crowd of Palestinian mourners carrying his coffin through Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday, drawing international condemnation.

The violence, which lasted only a few minutes, added to Palestinian outrage over the death of Abu Akleh, who has threatened to fuel tensions that have escalated since March.

Photo: Reuters

Palestinian authorities have described the death of Abu Akleh, who was covering an Israeli incursion into the occupied West Bank, as an assassination by Israeli forces.

Israel initially suggested that Palestinian gunfire might have been responsible, but authorities have since said they could not rule out that she was killed by Israeli forces.

The UN Security Council strongly condemned the incident and called for a “immediate, exhaustive, transparent, fair and impartial investigation”.

Hussein al-Sheikh, a senior Palestinian Authority official, said on Twitter that the authority would welcome the involvement of all international bodies in its investigation.

Photo: Reuters

The authority has rejected an offer from Israel, which has mourned the death of Abu Akleh, to cooperate in the investigation.

Israel Police said on Saturday that they had tried to “facilitate a peaceful and dignified funeral…and had coordinated the arrangements with his family. Unfortunately, hundreds of rioters tried to sabotage the ceremony and harm the police.”

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In a Jerusalem hospital, a Palestinian man died on Saturday from injuries inflicted during clashes with Israeli security forces three weeks ago at the al-Aqsa mosque compound.

He was the first fatality in clashes at the Jerusalem holy site in several years.

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