Alleged CFE employee injured a dog with a screwdriver in Puebla |  Video

The Puebla Animal Welfare Institute reported that the dog named Pucca passed away.

Pucca’s case went viral on social media on Friday when a video of the schnauzer lying on the floor went viral. According to what was denounced in the message, an alleged worker of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) hurt the dog.

The description of the video, shared by a woman who recorded the aggressor in the town of Santiago Momoxpan, states that the worker “stabbed the animal in the head” with a screwdriver.

Animal Welfare detailed that “for the moment the people involved maintain their decision to not take legal action“.

However, the institute clarified that they presented in a timely manner a criminal complaint for the investigation of the facts.

“We will continue to watch the search for an exemplary sanction“, assured.

Puebla is one of the states in Mexico where animal abuse is found classified as a crime.

At the same time, there is the State Animal Welfare Lawwhich aims to establish the general principles to be followed by animal owners.

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