Silvia Pinal reappears and sends a message to those who criticize her for her return to the theater |  Video

The first actress Silvia Pinal reappeared in a couple of videos that were uploaded to the official Instagram account “silvia.pinal.h”, in which she talks about her participation in the play Little Red Riding Hood: What’s up with your granny!

In recent days on social networks, the return of the Mexican actress to the theater was criticized for her state of health. What the first actress replied: “For all those who want me not to be in the theater, pffff”, as an expression of disagreement.

Pinal’s health condition forced her to cancel her participation in the staging. According to the producer of the work, Ivan Cochegrus, the diva of Mexican gold cinema He suffered from high blood pressure and a urinary infection.

However, in another video broadcast on Friday night, a voice is heard – it seems that of her daughter Silvia Pasquel – who asks Silvia Pinal: “Do you want to be in the theater?”, to which the actress is right and He adds that he has not participated in a play for a long time.

Also, he is asked if he is currently happy, to which he is right again.

Silvia Pinal is 90 years old and still wants to participate in a play of her own choosing.

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