The Sonora that was thought and has not been built |  Article

By Alberto Vizcarra Ozuna

ANDn recent days, Marco Antonio Cubillas passed away, who served as Secretary of Programming and Budget, while Samuel Ocaña García (1979-1985) was Governor of the State of Sonora. On the occasion of the unfortunate event, the text of an article published in 2013 by one of Cubillas’ close collaborators was circulated, detailing the vision of the future that the government had at the time, which was very well defined. in the “Sound Exhibition 81, Industrial Perspectives”.

The Ocaña government had to share the last three years of the presidency of José López Portillo and the first three years of the federal government presided over by Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado. Sonora received the influence of a presidency, like that of López Portillo, which had proposed to broaden the bases for the industrialization of the country, taking advantage of the situation of the discovery of large oil fields, whose income the government planned to invest in the construction of port infrastructure, hydraulic, transport; expansion of the agricultural frontier, vigorous strengthening of the petrochemical industry, development of machine tools and a frank incursion into sources of higher energy flux density such as nuclear energy.

Sonora was part of that horizon. With this spirit, the first industrial exhibition in the state was held. At the stand of the Programming and Budget Secretariat, which was located at the entrance to the modern industrial warehouses that housed the event, attendees were greeted with a video recording whose first image was a girl, no older than four, standing on a road and looking to the future. The audio, located in 1981, indicated that “the governor, or governor of Sonora, of the year 2031 was already born. She is one of these boys or girls, who visit us today”.

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Those who entered the stand were received in a room where they listened to the hypothetical report of the person who would be governor in 2031. A report that highlights the qualitative leaps of the entity in overcoming its limitations for economic growth and population, especially those related to the lack of water and energy. The governor of 2031 reports that the state’s irrigation system comprises 3.5 million hectares, due to the fact that the Northwest Hydraulic Plan is working at full capacity and that the nuclear desalination system irrigates important areas of the desert Sonoran. He is also informed that 5 million hectares of artificial meadows and fruit trees typical of the desert are planted in the Sonoran pastures.

Meat exports are exclusively industrialized cuts and canned meat.

Based on the report, it has been possible to positively modify the rainfall regime thanks to intensive reforestation and the release of water stress on the hydrological basins of the state as a result of the incorporation of new water to the continental mass with the desalination of seawater.

As for fish production, it is said that the entity maintains one of the first places in the republic. The fishing fleet is made up of medium and deep draft vessels. A part of the boats are “factory boats”, built in state shipyards. Sonora’s vocation for the food industry is recognized, and it is reported that food research institutes have generated their own technology and far exceeded the food problem that was approaching in our country and in other regions of the world.

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It is pointed out that the industry is the sector that occupies the largest number of skilled labor, reaching to represent 60 percent of the state GDP. It is presumed that Sonora no longer extracts raw mineral from the state, on the contrary it supplies the national and international market with sheet, wire and manufactured articles for assembly. At the same time as the huge uranium deposits, whose production began forty-five years ago, are the basis of nuclear power generation. Thus, the state has guaranteed energy until the year 2080, by virtue of the operation of the fourth stage of nuclear plants that generate electricity and desalinate seawater.

In the concluding part of the hypothetical report, it is recognized that as a result of the increase in the availability of water provided by the PLHINO and nuclear desalination, new cities were created, eight new deep sea ports were opened in the Sea of ​​Cortez, which encouraged the arrival of Mexicans from other states in Sonora, which together with the natural growth of the population in the state, makes it possible for the entity to have more than five million inhabitants. Planning has avoided distortion in the growth of cities.

Sea of ​​Cortez

There are no obese and dysfunctional conglomerates. They have specific areas for industrial uses, housing, commerce, culture, recreation and sports. The state does not have problems of overpopulation and life in the cities is pleasant and comfortable.

It is plausible that many other states of the republic planned things similar to those of Sonora in the early eighties. But the impetus for the industrialization of Mexico is not something that is going to be given to us. Industrializing a nation is synonymous with decolonization.

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Global financial interests and investment funds seek to perpetuate dependency and thus prevent industrialization.

Achieving an industrialized nation is going against the grain of the consensus that, during the last forty years, supplied that purpose, imposing commercial schemes where we are assigned the supply of cheap labor (maquilas). It is therefore a political fight that the government of Miguel de la Madrid did not have the courage to continue, nor have subsequent governments.

It is evident that we are far from the Sonora that we visualized in the early eighties. It can be said that we have walked in opposition to those purposes. The water crisis we are suffering could be the most eloquent element. Not only was the management that was programmed to have more water abandoned. A water policy confined to the administration of what was available was imposed and division and social conflict were encouraged to dispute a resource that is not enough.

The Sonora drawn in the governor’s hypothetical speech, from 2031, was not, nor is it a romantic utopia. It is the Mexico and Sonora that we need to build.

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