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China withdrew as host of the 2023 Asian Cupmaking it the country’s third cancellation as a sports venue as a result of the pandemic by Covid-19 which started in early 2020.

The Asian Football Confederation (CAF) applauded the authority of the Chinese Football Confederation after making the difficult decision to give up the tournament due to the health situation that the country is going through at the moment. As announced, the decision is not only a sign of conscience, but it was something necessary for the collective interests of the Asian Cup 2023 of CAF.

The tournament made up of teams from 24 nations of the continent, was scheduled to be played in 10 different cities of the Asian giant in june and july next yearin an event of great importance and that would provide greater visibility to a sport that has been developing in the country in recent years.

With the change, the tournament venue could move to Qatar or Saudi Arabiaboth countries noted as applicants to host the edition of the same tournament in 2027 so it is expected that the decision regarding the venues for both 2023 and 2027 are disclosed to early next year.

qatar It has four first level stadiums because they will be the venue for the Soccer World Cup 2022 to be held in November this year. However, it would be impossible for the tournament to be played in July as planned due to extreme heat of the Qatari summer, a situation it shares with Saudi Arabia, so the event is expected to be postpone to early 2024.

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The asian cuplike other international tournaments, is played each 4 years traditionally in January and February, as happened in the previous edition that was held from the United Arab Emirates in 2019so the date change would not be unusual, especially in a pandemic context.

As for the situation of China, the country would also host the asian games to be played in September hangzhoubut I know postponed along with almost all sporting events.

Despite the situation, if they were able to carry out the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijingg, but under a strict quarantine imposed on both athletes What olympic authorities in addition to having a Virtually non-existent support by the public.

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