'The decisive factor in gaining power is information,' says Byung-Chul Han (Editorial Preview)

The digitization it advances inexorably. Stunned by the frenzy of communication and information, we feel powerless in the face of the tsunami of data that unleashes destructive and distorting forces. Today digitization also affects the political sphere and causes serious disruptions in the democratic process. Electoral campaigns are information wars waged with every conceivable technical and psychological means.

The bot – fake automated social media accounts – spread fake news and hate speech and influence the formation of public opinion. The armies of trolls They intervene in the campaigns propping up disinformation. Conspiracy theories and propaganda dominate the political debate.

In infocracy (Taurus), the Korean philosopher Byung Chul Han describes the crisis of democracy and the attributes to the structural change of the public sphere in the digital world. He also gives this phenomenon a name: infocracy.

Below and with permission from Penguin Random House we offer an excerpt from the book.


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