Statement from the Veracruz Prosecutor's Office

“The administration of justice is not negotiated, nor is it litigated in the media. The arrest warrant against Marlon “N” for the alleged crime of femicide against Montserrat Bendimes Roldán is still in force and the investigative work to locate him and bring him to justice has made significant progress. In this case, as in all those in which a woman is attacked, there will be no impunity. I reiterate, we will not negotiate the procurement of justice “, sentenced the Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the complaint against Marlon Boots, it was the April 17, 2021 when the subject hit Montserrat, with whom he had a relationship, brutally. The events, as revealed at the time by the victim’s own family, occurred at the home of the alleged femicide and were covered up by the young man’s parents, who have been imprisoned for months. After six days of being in critical condition, Montserrat passed away.

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