Marcelo Flores opts for Tricolor after rejecting Canada |  Video

Marcelo Flores, born in Canada, but of mexican fatherhas made the decision to play for the Tricolor, after months of pondering which of the two national representatives to choose.

As reported One Soccer Canada and, later confirmed by the 18-year-old midfielder on his account Twitterthe footballer, currently in the ranks of Arsenal, has already made it known to Canadian leaders that will represent Mexico at the national team level, putting an end to speculation that he would opt for the North Americans if they assured him a place in the team that will play the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The report states that Flowers decision would not be subject to going to the World Cup with the Tricolor, squad with which he has already played two friendly at a higher level (Chile and Guatemala)in addition to being part of selected with age limit.

Dorrell Flowers could choose to play for his native Canadafor Mexico because of his paternal descent, or because of Englandthe country he arrived in 2017 and from which received passport in 2021.

John HerdmannCanadian strategist, asked the footballer and even presented a plan to Arsenal for the development of the player, who was already summoned by Mikel Arteta, coach of the Arsenal, to be part of first team, despite not having debuted yet. Nevertheless, it was not enough to convince Flores.

The Canadianswho will arrive in Qatar highly motivated in their first World Cup since 1986, They insisted on recruiting the footballer as a result of not having a player with a creative profile in the last third of the field, pBut in the end the Mexican-Canadian opted for the Tricolor, where He has already played at the under 16 and under 20 leveland who, as he mentions, have supported him a lot throughout his career.

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There has only been one national team in which I have felt identified. Mexico has given me and my sisters the opportunity to feel at home […] I will represent the Mexican national team for the rest of my professional career.

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