Gareth Bale is leaving Real Madrid and his future depends on what he does with Wales |  Tweet

Jonathan Barnettsoccer player’s agent Gareth Baleconfirmed that his representative will leave the real Madrid this summer, when the contract ends, and commented that his future will depend on whether the Selection of Welsh qualify or not for Qatar World Cup 2022, also that he could sign for a team from the PremierLeague.

The Welsh striker barely played this season, since the beginning of April he has not played an official match for a back injury that even prevented him from holding the title of the Spain League with his teammates and his technical director Carlo Ancelotti.

Barnett stated in an interview in Portugal:

Bale is leaving Real Madrid, but his future depends on what he does with Wales. It all depends on whether Wales qualify for the World Cup; then we will make a decision, which may vary depending on whether Wales go to the World Cup or not. Is he more likely to return to England? I think so, but we will have to wait.

In addition, the British agent criticized the dates of the next World Cup event. “It is the most ridiculous decision that has been made, it is crazy. We are all used to seeing the fans on Saturday and Sunday watching the teams, suddenly it is November and everything stops”, he concluded.

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By last, Barnett judged the FIFA for its policy to regulate the commissions of soccer players’ agents.

They are illegal. They didn’t consult anyone, no one came to talk to me, not Jorge (Mendes) or Mino Raiola. We were the three biggest agents, and no FIFA man has ever been in our offices to understand what an agent really does. You have no idea, this is just publicity for Mr. Infantino. There are more former FIFA in prison than agents.

(With information from Europe Press)

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