Samuel L. Jackson Still Really Wants to Play Nick Fury

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The actor who plays Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe, Samuel L Jackson, talks about his strange future and it all sounds a bit confusing…

In an interview given to Entertainment Weekly, Samuel L Jackson has spoken about the future that holds for Nick Fury in it Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Explaining his participation in the series of secret invasion, Samuel L Jackson hinted that there will be an evolution in his story along with a devolution. What does that mean? We do not know. But the star of Marvel Studios has assured that it will happen as we learn more about Nick Fury’s past. Something we haven’t done in all this time. The actor has wanted more specifically to be able to address something other than the rudeness of who Nick Fury is in his next appearances after Avengers: Endgame.

“Evolution or involution”, what is he referring to?

“There are things that even I really didn’t know about Nick Fury that I just found out about,” Samuel L Jackson said of his Marvel Studios character. “The minds behind what happened during the Lapse are fantastic. That’s part of what we’re discovering in this series now. The place where Nick Fury is, the evolution of his story or, rather, the devolution, since we may reduce it or increase it. It’s a bit hard to say. I hope they give me the chance to explore more than just the toughness of who Nick Fury is. To be honest, I’ve had a lot of fun doing that and I’m hoping people will weigh in on what his identity looks like when Secret Invasion comes out.”

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We are not very clear what Samuel L Jackson is referring to with the subject of evolution or involution. The context of Secret Invasion will be key to understanding it, surely. But at this time we are not sure of the meaning behind the words of the star of Marvel Studios.

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