Elena Poniatowska celebrates her birthday at the Palace of Fine Arts

The writer Elena Poniatowski celebrated with family, friends, intellectuals, adults and young readers, companions in social and literary struggle, his 90th birthday at the Palace of Fine Arts.

During the tribute, the Secretary of Culture of the Government of Mexico, Alejandra Frausto Guerrero underlined her ability to ask questions like a girl, “even at 90, the girl question without filterswithout double agendas, but with profound wisdom”.

The official thanked the writer’s contributions to the country’s culture, “gThank you for letting us celebrate your life, your causes, your luminous strokes made letters that have painted all of Mexico; You have given us so much Elena that today she only has to give and receive. Happy Birthday”.

For his part, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardoaffirmed that the writer and journalist Elena Poniatowska is a symbol who took the side of the students repressed by a repressive regime in 1968 and 1971 and that has also given a voice to women and social movements that have shaped the history of Mexico.

On his occasion, the president of the Public Broadcasting System of the Mexican State, Jenaro Villamil Rodríguez added that Poniatowska “is our torch: it enlightens us, it enlightens us, it dazzles us with the lucidity of its simplicity, with the perseverance of consistency and courage who does not dress up, nor does he use poses. Elena, our Elenissima can say the hardest and most accurate things with the smile of the eternal girl that characterizes you“.

Meanwhile, Elena Poniatowska thanked the tribute, “thank you is a very beautiful word and I say it from the bottom of my heart”.

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Previously, Poniatowska Amor opened the exhibition Elena and her causeswhich is made up of 22 works carried out by the Creative Seedbed of Painting in Lázaro Cárdenas, Quintana Roo, and addresses two facets of the life and work of the writer: Elena a dreamer and Elena a fighter. In the first, her fascination with the sky is reflected from the texts the cloud seller Y the star child. While in the second, the various approaches to social causes are reflected in works such as Until I see you my Jesus, The night of Tlatelolco Y The train passes first.


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