On Tuesday, 17 'going to the air' maneuvers were carried out at the AICM, controllers clarify

The National Union of Air Traffic Controllers clarified that not all ‘go-arounds’ or missed approach maneuvers are incidents or safety events.

In a statement, the union association stated that it is a maneuver to guarantee the safety of the passengers and the aircraft during the landing procedure.

The union presented its position after media publications about “supposed aviation incidents associating them with the air goings in the AICM”, in particular by the front page of the newspaper Reform this Thursday.

It is prudent to clarify that not all go-arounds are incidents or security events, on the contrary, to guarantee maximum safety, they go into the air as part of the landing procedure.

For example, he pointed out that on Tuesday, May 17, 12 trips were recorded in the space of two hours, caused by “wind shear”, that is, a sudden change in the intensity or direction of the wind in a short distance.

The newspaper Reform documented that in a monitoring of 10 hours seven flights had to frustrate their landings in the AICM and fly over the capital for several more minutes.

The shear causes instability in the flight and for safety it is better to go into the air to avoid any possibility of suffering a mishap.


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