Seth Meyers Mocks Madison Cawthorn's Primary Ouster: 'You May Be Gone, But Soon You'll Be Forgotten' (Video)

Seth Meyers is now pretty certain that life is in fact a simulation, and we’re all just players in it, after former president George W. Bush mistakenly condemned the invasion of Iraq, instead of Ukraine. So, on Thursday night he said “f— it” and slammed a shot of whiskey to cope.

The gaffe came on Wednesday, as Bush was giving a speech in Dallas. “Political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process,” Bush said about Putin’s Russia. “The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean Ukraine.”

It was a particularly awkward moment, considering Bush has always stood by his decision to order the invasion of Iraq. But for Meyers, it was more than just awkward — it was torture. The late night host joked that the clip pretty well erases “any doubt at all that reality is, in fact a simulation and we’re all just test subjects in some giant computer game being jerked around for the entertainment of our celestial overlords.”

Then he busted out the hard liquor. You can watch the full segment in Meyers’s “A Closer Look” in the video above.

“You know, when I started this show, I poured exactly one shot of whiskey and left it in the drawer of my desk for an emergency,” Meyers said. “And throughout the entirety of the Trump presidency, I resisted using it but you know what? F— it.”

After slamming the shot, Meyers pointed out the extra irony of Bush himself slipping up like that, considering what would’ve happened almost 20 years ago if someone had done the same thing.

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“I really am certain that clip was designed in a lab to melt the brains of anyone who was alive in 2003,” Meyers joked. “Back then, if you had called the invasion of Iraq brutal and unjustified, the Bush administration and Fox News would have spent an entire week calling you a traitor and anytime you went to the airport, the TSA would have given you the full cavity search .”

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