Why can't confiscated weapons be donated to municipal police?

After the governor of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo, asked the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) to donate the weapons seized from organized crime to the municipal police, General Luis Cresencio Sandoval explained that this is not possible.

During the morning press conference of President López Obrador, held in the Sonoran municipality of Cajeme, Sonora, the head of the Sedena He explained that the current legal framework establishes that once the weapons are secured, they must be made available to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and even if it is determined that they are not linked to a crime, they must be destroyed.

In case of being related to a homicide or some other crime, must remain under ministerial protection, since they are considered as evidence.

“We have a significant amount of protected weapons at the disposal of the public ministries, but we could do the analysis to see how we could comply with this request,” General Sandoval replied to the governor of Sonora.

Alfonso Durazo explained that the initiative arose as a result of the “historic” weapons seizure carried out by Sedena in March of this year, in which criminal groups were able to seize 128 long weapons, 38 short weapons, 19 machine guns and six .50 caliber assault rifles, as well as 2.8 million cartridges of different calibers.

Recognizing the need for the municipal security forces to have sufficient weapons to deal with crime, the Secretary of Defense explained that there is a project within the military industry, through which the national capacity for firearms production and cartridges.

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“Once the infrastructure in Puebla is completed, we could have the possibility of manufacturing weapons like the ones we do for our institution, also for the police,” Sandoval said and assured that, in this way, it would be easier to have a national control of firearms licensesand, at the same time, reduce dependence on foreigners to be able to acquire them “since they take too long, almost a year, to process.”


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