Tucker Carlson Asked for Hunter Biden's Help Getting His Son Into College

On “Real Time” Friday night, Bill Maher had a blunt assessment of the Republican Party in light of the rise in eliminationist rhetoric used by prominent members of the party: Republicans, Maher said, “are talking like Nazis.”

The bit came up while Maher and his panel guests, Donna Brazile and Adam Corolla, were discussing the numerous efforts across the country to nullify any elections by Republican officials. Brazile brought up Ohio Senate candidate and grifter-author JD Vance, who once upon a time was a serious critic of Trump who once referred to Trump, some would say accurately, as possibly “America’s Hitler.” But now he’s one of Trump’s most prominent defenders.

“You mentioned JD Vance? He says last week, ‘if you wanted to kill a bunch of MAGA voters, how better to target them and their kids than with deadly fentanyl. It does look intentional.’ So he’s saying the democrats are intentionally poisoning people with fentanyl. Elise Stefanik, she’s number 3 Republican. Former normal person. She had a statement on Twitter that started ‘The White House, house dems, and the usual pedo grifters.’ Fart. So, like it’s routine to call the Dems [pedophiles]. I’m sorry, the Republicans are talking like Nazis. I know we’re not supposed to make the Nazi comparison, but when you’re [saying] ‘pedophiles,’ when you’re scum, when you’re the enemies of America, ‘people are trying to replace you,’ this is Nazi kind of talk.”

“Pedo Grifter was the name of my youth soccer team,” guest Corolla then joked.

Later during the talk, Maher brought up the indisputable fact that the overwhelming majority of terrorist violence in American is committed by right wingers. From there Maher also noted specific policy concerns he has that Republicans staunchly oppose, like doing something about climate change. This brought him to Elon Musk’s transparently distracting claim this week that he is going to start voting Republican.

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“When He said ‘now I’m gonna vote Republican,’ I gotta part company there. Come on Elon… I can’t go there with him. Because of what I just said, because of where the big issues are. But it’s troublesome to me that a guy like that, who said ‘I voted mostly for Democrats for the longest time, and now I’m switching’? I’m not gonna say he’s a stupid man. So the fact that he can be taken over by the Republicans, what does that tell you about the Democrats? What do they have to do to stop that from happening?”

Alas, Maher also called Musk a genius. Musk of course inherited significant wealth from his father and made some canny investments, eventually becoming a billionaire. But it’s worth noting he is not, actually, for instance, the founder of Tesla. He joined the company after it was founded, then sued the actual founders and for reasons that make little sense he won a declaration in court that he can legally call himself the company founder. But he isn’t.


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