Derbez challenges Azcárraga to show him that he is not banned;  and he clarifies: 'I am the owner of the characters of the Peluche Family'

Producer Eugenio Derbez responded to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Televisa, Emilio Azcárraga Jean, about the conflict that arose over the rights of the series “La Familia Peluche”after the alleged veto of the comedian on television.

In social networks Emilio Azcárraga and Eugenio Derbez staged a disagreement this Friday before what was said by the Oscar winner for CODA as best film about a veto by Televisa and about the rights of the aforementioned comedy series.

Derbez lashed out at Azcárraga Jean about using Twitter to confront him, when it could be addressed through a phone call. “Why answer me publicly? You already showed us off!”

He also recalled that on March 30 he gave an interview to the driver Paola Rojas to expose his position against the construction of the Mayan Train. “After that interview, it was precisely when they vetoed me!” he said.

“I know that you love me very much (and I love you even more), and I know that you would be incapable of doing that to me, so it is clear to me that it was not you. But then tell them there in your company “have someone explain it to you!” he added in a Twitter thread.

The actor also questioned why since March 30 Televisa has not generated content about his career, such as his Oscar award, conducting interviews or broadcasting about his participation in the new film.The Valet’, which premieres on Star+, “Best Paty Chapoy received me on her show!”

Regarding the rights of the Peluche Family, “tell them not to be like that, ‘have someone explain that point to you’ as well. I know it’s going to sound “horrible, horrible”, but I am the owner of the characters and the concept, Televisa only of the name. Sorry, friend!

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