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Wimbledon will be stripped of ranking points as a result of his decision to exclude players from Russia and Belarus of the competition in the 2022 tournament due to the invasion of Ukraine, confirmed this Friday the men’s circuit of the Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP).

Let us remember that the governing bodies of tennis banned the participation of Russia and Belarus in international competitions by teams after the invasion, but they announced that players would be allowed to participate as long as they show up as neutrals.

Therefore, the decision of the organizers of Wimbledon from prohibit access to some of his players, including Daniel Medvedevnumber two player in the world, solely because of his nationality is something that has been rejected by the ATPwho declared in a statement the following:

The ability for players of any nationality to enter tournaments based on merit, and without discrimination, is fundamental to our tour.

This is about the first time that the participation of players is prohibited for reasons of nationality from the time immediately after World War IIwhen German and Japanese players were excluded.

The ATP considers that the decision of banning Russian and Belarusian athletes is something that undermines your principles and integrity in the rankingso after analyzing the decision of the Open in London, he declared himself as inconsistent with what they represent as a sports association.

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After various talks to reach an agreement, the ATP and the organization of the event did not grant a midpoint so it was decided penalize the competition most famous lawn tennis court in the world.

Absent a change in circumstances, it is with great regret and reluctance that we see no other option but to remove points from the Wimbledon ATP Rankings for 2022.

East It will not be the only tennis open in the United Kingdom that will not give access to these athletesas Queen’s, Eastbourne and Challengers have taken the same measure as Wimbledon, however, these will not be penalized since there are alternative opportunities game on those dates for tennis players which minimizes the impact on rankings.

For its part, the tournament also published its own position, where the organization of Wimbledon regrets the decision of the ATP and considers that the sanctions were disproportionate to the context that is currently lived and therefore remain stand firm of not allowing Russians and Belarusians to play.

The Wimbledon Championships is scheduled to be played on June 27 to July 10 from London, England. It only remains to wait for how the ATP sanctions influence the development of the most popular Grand Slam.

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