680 motorists are sanctioned in CDMX for not complying with Hoy No Circula

The Ministry of the Environment (Sedema) of Mexico City reported that 690 motorists were sanctioned this Saturday, 680 for not respecting the Environmental Program Hoy No Circulaas a measure established by the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis (CAMe) after activating Phase I of the Atmospheric Environmental Contingency due to ozone in the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico.

Of the total sanctions, 680 were for circulating on a prohibited day or time, nine vehicles due to smoke emission and one for circulating without valid vehicle verification.

A total of 459 were driving vehicles registered in other entities and 231 vehicles registered in Mexico City.

The local agency indicated that to encourage respect for the guidelines established in the Hoy No Circula Program and the Mandatory Vehicle Verification Program, the Environmental Law for the Protection of Land in the Federal District and its Regulations on Vehicle Verification Matters establish economic sanctions for those who violate said regulations. The fine for driving on a restricted day is 20 Units of Measurement and Update (UMA).

He explained that the Environmental Surveillance Units are empowered to carry out an inspection to confirm whether the vehicle is punishable; in that case, he explained, a sanction ticket is prepared and foreign vehicles that are ostensibly polluting have their metal plates removed as a precautionary measure.


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