'The View' Hosts Turn Up Their Noses at 'Ridiculous' NPR 'Snitch Hotline' for Non-Maskers

The hosts of “The View” are both amused and disgusted by Ted Cruz’s concern over Pete Davidson’s love life. So on Monday’s show, they called out his “creepy” and “disgusting” words from him, and offered their sympathies to Heidi Cruz.

“I’m just gonna say Heidi Cruz, this is two, OK?” Whoopi Goldberg said before even playing the clip. “This is the second time he’s just not paid any attention to what you might be feeling.”

On the most recent episode of his podcast, Cruz went on to tear over Pete Davidson’s girlfriends, past and present, marveling at how “that dude gets all of these like, hot women.”

“Pete Davidson was dating Kate Beckinsdale,” Cruz said. “I mean, you’re talking ‘Underworld.’ You’re talking like, super hot vampire in black leather trench coat. And you’re really like? The SNL dude? Like, wow.”

For Ana Navarro, Cruz’s sentiments were just kind of gross. You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

“This gives me the heebie jeebies,” she said in disgust. “Can I just tell you, it is so creepy and so disgusting. OK, so he might want to say, ‘How come that dude on SNL’ — I want to know how come that dude is a US senator and he is doing a podcast and spends so much time trolling on Twitter? I mean, does he think that he’s gonna lead by being a social media influencer?”

Navarro also agreed with Whoopi’s sentiment toward Heidi Cruz. “How disrespectful can it be to his wife of him, and his daughter of him?” she added.

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Host Sara Haines then took a moment to point out how Pete Davidson differs from Ted Cruz, simply in his treatment of his partner.

“Pete Davidson actually did defend Kim Kardashian when there was some stuff going back and forth between she and Kanye,” Haines pointed out. “So that does distinguish him from Ted Cruz who has yet to defend his wife against that sort of thing.”

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Haines was of course referring to when Donald Trump publicly attacked Heidi Cruz’s look, though Sunny Hostin pointed out that Ted Cruz did defend his wife via a tweet. Meanwhile, host Joy Behar offered an alternative possibility for why women like Davidson.

“The reason that women like Pete Davidson is because he is funny. He’s funny. Ted Cruz, you’re funny because people laugh at you. Pete Davidson, people are laughing with him.”


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