"Wimbledon will never be an exhibition": Andy Murray |  Video

scottish tennis player Andy Murray established its position before the controversy created by ATP and WTA to withdraw the ranking points awarded for the third tournament Grand Slam of the season, due to his decision to exclude Russian and Belarusian players, Due to the military invasion of Ukraine.

MurrayWimbledon champion in 2013 and 2016stated that the British Open will never be an exhibition tournament and to the fans they do not care about the ranking or the points that are obtainedbut they will “remember whoever wins” the tournament.

in your account Twitter, Murray stated:

I venture to predict that most people watching tennis on Center Court at Wimbledon in a few weeks won’t know or care much how many ranking points a tennis player receives for winning a third-round match.

The Scottish tennis player was very clear explaining what he thinks about the next edition of the Grand Slam, after the decision of the ATP and WTA. “I guarantee you the winner will be remembered. Wimbledon will never be an exhibition. Spot”assured.

Murray used the example of other sports he likes to explain his reasoning.

I follow golf very closely and I have no idea how many ranking points the winner of the Augusta Masters gains. My friends and I love football and neither of us knows or cares how many ranking points winning the World Cup gives you. But I can say exactly who won the World Cup and the Augusta Masters.

The controversy stems from the decision to ATP and WTA from strip Wimbledon of the points it distributed in the Grand Slam after the All England Tennis Club deny participation to theRussian and Belarusian supporters for the invasion of Ukraine.

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