Audios that have come out are 'totally misrepresented';  'They can have your voice but they make cuts', answers 'Alito' Moreno

The national president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, assured that it is not his voice that is heard in the audios released by the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, where the tricolor leader allegedly refers to journalists in derogatory terms and speaks of contributions by individuals to the party’s political campaigns.

During an interview with Aristegui Live, described as “false” and “montages” the audios broadcast by Sansores. “I have never expressed anything about it nor would I do so against any person,” he said about the expression “journalists must be starved to death” that is heard in one of the recordings.

“All the audios that have come out are totally distorted and it is a montage; In the case of the last audio that they released, where they put the issue of the colleagues in the media, it is clear that they want to mount a political lynching to confront us with the media, to confront us with society”, he pointed out.

“It is the government of Morena”, he said, while assuring that being the source of information the government of Campeche has violated the law. “We cannot allow them to get away with it, they want to carry out a media lynching with lies and an illegal dissemination of what they have done,” she pointed out.

When questioned by the journalist Carmen Aristegui about whether or not it was his voice that appears in the audios, Moreno assured: “I absolutely say it, it is a distorted, edited, edited, changed audio.”

“They can have your voice, but they make cuts, they make montages and that’s what they want”, The PRI leader pointed out and asked for “time to time”, since “everything is going to fall”.

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He said that for five weeks, the Morenista government of Campeche has mounted a “soap opera” to attack an opposition leader, “with illegal audios, changed, edited, as this corrupt government has done and without results of Morena ”.

He located the origin of the accusations in the PRI vote against the constitutional reform in electrical matters, on April 17 in the Chamber of Deputies, as well as its refusal to support the electoral reform project and the accusations of “corruption” against relatives of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. “They wanted to carry out a media lynching, as we voted against, they are persecuting us,” he said.

“But let’s see, by simple hearing, by simple recording, the voice that is heard is his voice, is that true?” Aristegui asked. “But at a simple record, Carmen, with respect and deep knowledge after listening to those fake, tricked and changed audios, Of course, you can see how they change voices and put together the audio,” Moreno replied.

“It have done in a dirty war and what they want is attack us, discredit us, break the coalition because they have no other issues”he commented, while emphasizing that meanwhile the country is “falling apart” with three thousand femicides, four thousand kidnappings or 120 thousand homicides.

He said that never in the last 40 years has there been a “brutal attack” like the one undertaken by the Presidency of the Republic against the journalists, autonomous bodies, businessmen, political parties.

“A They are not going to bend me, here we are going to continue in the fight, with everything and this dirty war; we are in a contest for power, those who are there do not want to leave power and are going to use all legal and illegal means, force, because they do not want to leave the government. Not just anyone goes head-to-head with the government; I am not afraid of them and they are not going to scare us, they are not going to intimidate us, from the opposition we are going to fight them everywhere and in all places”, he emphasized.

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He mentioned that there is a complaint in the Superior Audit Office of the Federation (ASF) for the theft of more than 800 million pesos from an espionage system, what “that everyone says that the prosecutor of Campeche has it” and that with this system they spy on journalists, leaders of political parties, businessmen and all citizens.

He reiterated his solidarity and support for the media, as well as his “total commitment” to journalism that “is raising its voice” and “pointing out what the government does.”

Moreno Cárdenas said that the opposition will not allow a dictatorship to be established in the country, so if its objective of breaking up the ‘Va por México’ coalition and other alliances is fulfilled, Morena will remain in the presidency of Mexico, “using all the tricks and the legal, illegal power and force”.

Regarding whether he would present his resignation as leader of the PRI, after the broadcast of the audios, he said that he was elected by the militancy as national president and will continue to work “with great conviction” for the country. “That would be nonsense, who is thinking that? That is what the government is thinking, that is what it wants,” she stated.

Regarding the complaint filed by the Governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, before the anti-corruption prosecutor, Luz María Mijangos, for the crimes of illicit enrichment and bribery, she commented that it is “lies” and that it isIt has always presented its financial, tax and conflict of interest declarations.

“All the complaints that they want to present, that they present them, there they are going to attend to the jurisdictional authorities and all that is going to fall under its own weight because it is a lie,” said Moreno. He denied having donated ten properties to his mother: “A vile lie.”

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He accused the use of the Tax Administration System (SAT), of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance (UIF), as well as of the prosecutor’s offices as is done in repressive and dictatorial states.

“Does Alejandro Moreno assume some degree of responsibility as president of the PRI, about events against journalists that occurred in governments headed by your party?“Asked Aristegui, referring specifically to espionage with Pegasus software during the six-year term of PRI member Enrique Peña Nieto.

“I tell you very firmly and very clearly, if it was reported, it should be investigated,” He commented, to which the journalist reminded him that the complaints were filed with the then Attorney General’s Office (PGR) -today the Prosecutor’s Office- “four or five years ago”.

“Let it reach the final consequences; By the way, the National Security Commissioner at that time is the prosecutor today in Campeche, ”he said, referring to Renato Sales Heredia, whom he accused of espionage and the theft of equipment to intercept communications.

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