Oklahoma lawmaker proposes mandatory teen vasectomy

After Oklahoma signed a law banning abortions from the moment of “conception,” now an Oklahoma lawmaker is proposing that adolescents have a mandatory vasectomy during puberty, with the aim of highlighting the “absurd” ban of the Republican legislators on the legal termination of pregnancy.

During a meeting of the Oklahoma State Legislature, Mickey Dollens of the Democratic Party introduced this bill while described the recent law that criminalizes abortion as an “attempt for cheap political points” and that entered into force in the state last Wednesday.

“I invite you to co-author a bill that I am considering next year that would require every man, when he reaches puberty, to undergo a mandatory vasectomy that only be reversible when you reach the point of financial and emotional stabilitysaid Democratic Senator Mickey Dollens.

For his part, Governor Kevin Stitt yesterday activated a legislation prohibiting abortion from the moment of fertilizationmaking Oklahoma the most restrictive state for voluntary termination of pregnancy in the United States.

The only exceptions in the Oklahoma law, legislation passed last Friday in a vote that registered 73 votes in favor and 16 against, are to save the life of the pregnant woman or in case of rape or incest reported to the police.

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