This was the rescue of a puma that wandered in the streets of Tlaxcala

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) rescued this friday a puma concolor that was seen wandering in the streets of Tlaxcala.

It’s about a young cougar, male, about a year and a half, detailed the Profepa. According to the dependency, the exemplar no damage and it was in apparent good condition with full fur.

The Attorney General’s Office intervened after receiving a report about the presence of the puma prostrated in the branches of a tree approximately 15 meters high.

Authorities detailed that they went to the place to corroborate the reported facts and with the aim of guaranteeing the well-being of the feline, anesthesia was applied.

Once the chemicals took effect, with a crane the copy was lowered and moved to the facilities of a zoo for its protection and rehabilitation.

The Profepa carried out an ocular inspection to determine the status of the puma, which was found undamaged. The agency explained that, as a security measure, the cougar was secured and handed over to a zoo for what remain safe and secure.

According to PROFEPA, this species has round head and erect ears, shades of grey, red or brown. Male adults regularly weigh from 52 to 66 kg and measure between 202 to 230 centimeterswhile adult females weigh from 34.4 to 48 kg and measure between 183 to 201 centimeters. these specimens they have no roar, instead they can growl, purr, and vocalize high-pitched whistles.

The puma is, after the jaguar, the largest feline in America. Inhabits all types of vegetation of the country, from sea level, up to 4 thousand meters of altitude. It is an indicator species, since its presence shows the good state of conservation of the ecosystem it inhabits.

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The two main threats to the species is poaching and habitat destruction as a consequence of urbanization. The cougar is not on the endangered species list. However, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has determined that it is an animal close to being threatened.

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