Why so many visits by the US ambassador to the National Palace?  AMLO explains

After the US ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazarwas seen attending more than three meetings at the National Palace in the last 10 days, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador explained the purpose of his visits.

During his morning press conference, held in the municipality of Culiacán, the president ruled out that the Summit of the Americas has not been the central theme of the meetings with the US diplomat, but the attraction of investment from US businessmen.

“There is an interest on the part of US companies in invest in the energy sector and in other sectors such as transportation, and they asked us to speak with these companies. They are between 15 and 18 and we made the commitment to receive them and attend to them”, explained the President.

Lopez Obrador stressed the importance of the proposal of a company of USA to build a plant for fertilizer production.

“Now the fertilizer is going to be very necessary because it is scarce in the world due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine“, Held.

The president explained that Mexico has the gas and the infrastructure to produce this essential input for the agricultural sector, and announced that the plant planned to be installed in Sinaloa It will have an investment of around 5 billion dollars.

He also spoke about the american investment to build a gas liquefaction plant in Puerto Libertad, Sonora. Through pipelines of approximately 400 kilometers, the gas will be transported from Texas, there it will be processed and sent from the Sea of ​​Cortez by ship with a final destination in Asia.

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Last May 23 Ken Salazar He went to the National Palace to meet with López Obrador, as well as with the Mexican ambassador to the United States, Esteban Moctezuma.

Upon his arrival at the presidential compound, the US ambassador was asked if they would discuss the issue of convening the Summit of the Americas, to which Salazar replied: “I come to do other jobs.”


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