MLB |  Yankees and Rays set aside baseball to talk about gun violence after Texas shooting |  Video

The social networks of New York Yankees and of the Tampa Bay Rays stopped talking about Major League Baseballon May 26, to make a series of messages of awareness about the situation of firearms in the country following the shooting at a school in Texaswhere 19 students and two teachers died.

In its Twitter, both teamsscheduled to meet this week, published The next message:

Instead of coverage of the game and in collaboration between the Yankees and Rays, we will use our channels to offer facts about the impact of gun violence.

Both groups ensured that tragedies like what happened in Uvalde, Texasthey are something intolerable and action must be taken to prevent similar incidents.

The game between both teams ended 7-2 in favor of the Yankees, but during the meeting, MLB fans did not find any information regarding baseball on Twitter, but messages about the danger of guns in America.

The yankees have more than 3.6 million followerswhile the Rays add 625 thousandso they used their accounts as a means to address a situation that has affected the people of the United States and that has outraged and saddened the world inside and outside the sport.

Here are some of the messages the teams shared:

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personalities of the NBA What Lebron James Y Luka Doncić They shared their desolation for what happened, but the most commented reaction has been that of the coach of the Golden State WarriorsSteve Kerrwho laid out his stance on gun control.

We are being held hostage by 50 senators (Republicans) in Washington who refuse to even put (the bill) to a vote, despite what Americans want. They won’t vote for him because they want to keep their own power. It’s pathetic! I’ve had enough.

(With information from ESPN)

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