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Right now its famous Film Festival is taking place in Cannes and Javier Bardem has been there for two things: receive a tribute and give a master class. The event took place on May 27 and for just over an hour, Bardem told anecdotes and answered questions from the public and the journalist Didier Allouch, who moderated the talk: “Master I?”the actor wondered, “But if my first role in the cinema was only physical, taking off my shirt and leaving me bare chested!”.

In class, Bardem recalled his first kiss with Penélope Cruz, a love kiss and not just a work kiss, and explained a very curious anecdote that involves what is now his wife, Woody Allen, and the filming of ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’:

Bardem told in the talk that, although they met on the set of ‘Jamón, Jamon’ in 1992, the butterflies did not begin to flutter in his stomach until years later. It was on the last day on the set of ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ when they shot an endless kiss scene: “We were on the bed kissing and kissing and kissing and I thought ‘it’s being long, it’s fine, but it’s being long’. I turned around and the cameraman was not there, he was gone. Then Woody sent us the recorded material as a wedding present.” The filming of the film took place around 2008 and they began their relationship at one of the filming end parties, it is seen that shortly after that passionate scene. In 2010 they were married in a private ceremony at Johnny Depp’s house in the Bahamas and in 2011 they had their first child. They also have a daughter, Luna, two years younger than Leo, but they prefer to keep their lives as private as possible. The cast of ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ is completed by Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson and in Spain it is available on Prime Video. Of course, do not look for this scene that you will not find, the director decided not to include it in the final footage, but at least that special moment has not been lost on the floor of an editing room.

the rest of the class

Although eCartelera did not attend the talk, other media They have echoed what the Spanish actor told there. So we know who said that for him “the world is ugly, dark and unpleasant” and that “Cinema is there to combat that, to remind us that we are human beings”; in addition to remembering her mother, the late Pilar Bardem: “I felt lost, broken, I had rough months, I was working on the set of ‘Lyle Lyle Crocodile’, a children’s movie, wearing a mask, but I was deeply sad and unmotivated. Now I know that she is always with me.”

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Bardem is not on any social network, which he leaves to people of another generation, because he, at 53, considers himself from another era. And speaking of his age, he got into a very deep puddle, that of toxic masculinity, about which he said: “Sexism is negative, dangerous, I explained it to my children, it leads to violent relationships. You have to know that masculinity is the opposite and we also have to cultivate the feminine that we all carry inside without being afraid, they are different percentages from person to person, but we all carry a woman inside […] I grew up in a patriarchal society and it can be difficult for my generation to understand this, but children have to be educated in sensitivity.” And if this was already tricky, things get even more complicated when he ventured to say: “Ultra-machismo is as harmful as ultra-feminism… We are part of the same thing”

He reviewed his career in general terms talking about some of the most important films of his life: ‘Biutiful’, Perdita Durango’, ‘The Sea Inside’ or ‘Loving Pablo’. “I’ve worked with the greatest directors, from Pedro Almodóvar to Alejandro Amenábar, from the Coens to Alejandro González Iñárritu, from Denis Villeneuve to Julian Schnabel, I’m a lucky bastard, I still can’t believe it, and every time I get a proposal, a script, I take a deep breath and give thanks. I know that in this job the career can go downhill and suddenly they don’t call you anymore.”

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