UK prepares extradition request for US to hand over Kevin Spacey

The British government is preparing a formal request that it will send to the United States to request the extradition of actor Kevin Spacey, accused of a crime of sexual assault, according to sources in the British newspaper ‘Guardian‘.

The process will be activated if the actor does not agree to travel to the UK voluntarily to stand trial, the source explained. If he does not do so, the British Home Office’s International Crime Directorate will request his extradition so that he can be arrested in the United States and handed over to the United Kingdom.

Spacey, 62, learned last Thursday that the British Crown Prosecutor’s Office has authorized the indictment for four crimes of sexual assault against three men between 2005 and 2013 in London and Gloucestershire following an investigation by Scotland Yard.

The extradition process could take months as the US Justice Department must decide if there is “probable cause” of the crime.

Afterwards, an arrest warrant would be issued and a process would begin that can be appealed in any case and that would also limit the crimes of which he can be accused.

Information from Europe Press.

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